Monday Dec 12th Important Court date. County of San Bernardino Central District Dec 12th Monday 8:30am Dept S37 Hon. John P. Vander Feer Both CRPE and Golden Gate will argue for us on Monday. Both are owed large sums of money for the past 4 years of legal work they have done on our behalf. Civil Court 303 W. Third St. San Bernardino, CA 92415-0210 ______________________________ NP still not compiling with Water Board requirements. Still have not fulfilled the obligations to the Court. Still owe huge sums of money for their legal bills. Guess Mitzelfelt thinks its OK to start business anyway. ______________________ This is not our waste. This will be the largest pile of Big City Sludge in CA. It will be dumped on the ground and spun around for 60 days then piled on site in piles up to 50 feet tall. These are not our words, this is what they applied for and what Postmus and Mitzelfelt approved. _________________________ This would be illegal where the waste is produced, why should it be legal here? Why do we get a lower level of protection than the waste producers? _____________________ New Aug 2010 plume map We take this new information very seriously. How much more can this community take. Latest Lahontan info: This is a good website to check for the newest info. Meeting will be on Dec 1st at Hinkley School. We must try and get PGE to help build Hinkleys infrastructure. If they are truly able and willing to clean up their mess, then quit buying properties and start shrinking the plume and t

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